Porcelain Under-mount Sink

They’re charming, homey, durable, elegant, functional and affordable. Those are just a few of the reasons porcelain sinks continue to be the best selling sink in the world.

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Granite Composite Sink

Looking for a new kitchen sink? Consider granite composite. This compact-construction material brings cutting-edge style to a kitchen and thanks to the high density of granite particles, it offers superior resistance to scratches, chips and heat. Some are calling it the most durable composite sink material on the market.

​Granite composite sinks are about 80 percent granite and 20 percent acrylic resin. The combination of granite and acrylic makes for an extremely durable material and surface, beating out quartz composite for strength and scratch resistance.

Resistant to scratches, stains, chips and household acids, granite composite looks and feels like natural matte stone. Granite composite sinks will not fade in color when exposed to high heat, and they can accommodate hot pots and pans — resisting heat up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit.

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